Super Thanks is now on Shorts!

Super Thanks is now on Shorts!

Super Thanks is now on Shorts
Super Thanks is now on Shorts

Introducing Super Thanks to Shorts

Super Thanks is now available on Shorts. It’s a great way for you to connect with fans while increasing your earnings on Shorts. When an eligible viewer purchases a Super Thanks on your Shorts content, they’ll get a colorful comment that stands out from the rest. Be sure to check out the following tips to make the most of it.

Super Thanks is already enabled
Since you already enabled Super Thanks, you don’t need to turn it on again to start receiving Super Thanks on Shorts.

Tell your fans about Super Thanks
Your viewers can purchase Super Thanks on your Shorts, but they may not realize it yet. Be sure to let your community know!

Show Super Thanks purchasers some love
Fans love to be recognized for their support! Don’t forget to thank them by hearting and replying to their comments using the From Super Thanks filter in the Comments section of YouTube Studio.

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